Royal Football Academy

Royal Football Academy
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The Royal Football Academy is a premier football coaching cum school located in the Ekitit State of Nigeria that works with licensed coaches who are experts in improving the skills of a player.

The academy provides a platform for talented youths to kick-start and improve their talent through exquisite training and facilities that will prepare them for the national team and clubs across the globe. The institution is aimed at building strong awareness of both technical and tactical insights

The young players are taught to be more oriented in team play. Football is a team sport, and the best teammates are often the biggest winners. They help themto work on individualism in their game and make sure they can harness it to best help their team grow into who they are.The coaches and mentors at the academy make surethe players can become more proficient with a ball and more fluent with the art of play. From helping you spot passing angles to setting pressing traps, the players can learn the tactical importance of the modern game.

In addition, the academy helps the young talents to work on the art of conditioning, too, ensuring that they can begin to hone the physical traits needed for a game in association football. This will, hopefully, help them prepare for a future in the game professionally. As such, the players become more confident, comfortable and positive.

The Royal Football academy helps its players to see the game in a more positive light by making learning enjoyable and ensuring they can get much more from the time that they spend on the pitch as they grow and improve.Besides, attending the academy will help young talents in speeding up the rate at which they build a sturdy career.

For any player to join the Royal Football Academy Participants are to get the registration form online or by visiting the academy and getting assessed in some little areas regarding footballing skills and intellectuals. If deemed worthy, he/she would be provided an application form which can be taken home.The participants need to fill the forms provided and return with his/her parents/guardian to complete the registration by submitting the forms along with certain required documents: Original and Photocopy of Birth Certificate or affidavit of age declaration, Passport photographs of applicants and their parents/guardians, Certificates of educational qualification (if available) and Medical report certifying health from a licensed institution. If the application is accepted, the applicant can now pay the fees to train.

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