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A new digital revolution lined up in the social space – Fancall makes its spectacular debut

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A large number of applications are launched each day in the play store only to be phased out in a short time. Despite a lot of marketing, they fail because of reasons like lack of originality, inadequate research or a grim idea. However, the market now is brimming with novel ideas hoping to create a revolution. What remains to be discovered is who will make it to the top of the charts and who will bear the brunt of mediocrity. One of the top contenders in the race is the recent launch from Gandhinagar, Gujarat- a brilliant app called Fancall.

Fancall has received immense praise from veterans in the digital realm and people have high hopes for the app. The platform has explored an amazing way of communication between YouTube influencers and their viewers. While they received their share of doubts and questions regarding the difference between traditional communication channels and the utility of such a platform, they answered with grace and garnered trust in their vision.

The app will make collaborations between influencers and brands quicker and more seamless. It will also offer a channel for fans to interact with their role models and learn from them more effectively. It eliminates third-party interventions and endless waiting hours from the process of communication. The app makes it possible to register, find the influencer of choice, book an available slot, remunerate the YouTuber for their time and wait for them to contact at the pre-decided time.

YouTubers can benefit greatly from this by growing their channel uninhibited and earning more revenue. They will no longer need to struggle with poor CPC, grim ad revenue and other content creator challenges. They will also be able to communicate better with their audience and thus boost their growth.

Whether it is wishing a community member their birthday, congratulating them on their success or seeking valuable guidance, Fancall will enable it all.

We are surely at the edge of a digital revolution that Fancall is set to kickstart. Let us keep our fingers crossed.

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