A person who proves that efforts turn dreams into reality, meet Ranjeet Maurya, the man behind RG Industries.

A person who proves that efforts turn dreams into reality meet Ranjeet Maurya the man behind RG Industries
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Starting a business and building it the way it runs smoothly is not an easy task. A hefty amount of money, effort, and time is involved to make it better. Also, whether a business will be successful is a part of the challenge. Many people do not dare to take the challenge and are afraid of losing all their investments if the business does not work. Many people dream about starting a business but are afraid to work for the same while some people risk it all and go for it without thinking much about the future and only care about giving their best in the present and throughout the journey to success. One such man is Mr. Ranjeet Maurya, who dreamt of starting a business once and is a successful businessman now.

Born to a lower-middle-class family in Ayodhya, Ranjeet did not get much of the provisions to start a full-fledged business. His father was a farmer and used to run a small shop which was not enough for a great start or hefty investments. Nothing was enough to start a professional business but he always had the passion and dedication to start one. He mastered business methodology, all while handling the family shop. He constantly developed his passion and love for the business into something more productive, strived to be better every day, and constantly developed his skills over and over.

At the age of 30, he was the owner of 7 vertical companies, all under the name RG Industries. A production business under the company, SSG Manufacturers is quite well-known for the production of electric gadgets like Smart TVs, Smart Locks, Smart Watch, and many more. He was awarded International Fame Award 2019 and the award was handed to him by Bollywood superstar Kangana Ranawat at the IFA awards held in Thailand. Yet another award he got was the Global Excellence Award which was presented the same year and was handed to him by the dynamic Bollywood Superstar Madhuri Dixit.

The journey to success went through a very rough patch. With the weight of loans from different people, including one which he took from a significant street vendor for daily interest pay and even working as a security guard at night to collect some extra amount of money to invest in his business, his journey to success was not sure a smooth one. Maintaining the working balance and running of the company, he had to struggle a lot.

He came a long way dedicating everything to the company he started. Constantly developing his skills and using his intellectual knowledge and hard work in the business he started, he is the backbone of the company and the strongest figure worth taking inspiration from. He put all his efforts into what he did and achieved something he once dreamed of. He is the perfect person to learn how hard work, dedication, and efforts make a person successful.

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