BRANDFLUENZERS creates a benchmark by staging Social Influencers & Bloggers Awards 2021 in Smart City Surat

BRANDFLUENZERS creates a benchmark by staging Social Influencers & Bloggers Awards 2021 in Smart City Surat
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Surat, Gujarat: (By Alnawaz Abjani): known around the world as diamond city, silk city, city of flyovers & bridges, recently awarded as number one Smart City of India, witnessed the first-ever Event where Brands, Content Creators, Influencers, Bloggers, Affiliate Marketers, Start-Ups, Homemakers & Students participated at BRANDFLUENZERS NETWORKING MEET that was followed by SOCIAL INFLUENCERS & BLOGGERS AWARDS 2021.

b r a n d f l u e n z e r s is an initiative by Creative entrepreneur – Nirav Chahwala to educate, serve, share – value information & help Brands, Media Agencies, influencers, Bloggers, Entrepreneurs, Homemakers & Students create MSI (Multiple Sources of Income) create their influence in the society, set their authority through blogging & to attain financial freedom to live a lifestyle.

The core purpose is to connect with each other for personal & business – development & growth, mastering the current trends in the market.

The event took place on 14th July 2021 at an elite venue & the event had meet-greet, workshops by eminent Digital Masters of India, Mr. Sorav Jain (#1 Digital Marketing Consultant of India & Founder of Digital Scholar) and Mr. Kulwant Nagi (International Speaker, Affiliate Marketer, Blogger, Coach & founder of Afflospark).

The workshop was followed by Panel Discussion to discuss the Current scenario on Brands & its Impact by Social Media.

The panel discussion was moderated by the curator of BRANDFLUENZERS, Mr.  Nirav Chahwala and dias was shared with city’s best Brand & Social Media agencies owned by Mr. Sandeep Modi & Ms. Anushree Pacheriwal along with City’s best Content Creator Ms. Vanita Rawat (NLP Practitioner) & Brand + Fitness Influencer Ms. Ankita Valand.

An informative Panel discussion was followed by Hi-tea and most awaited SOCIAL INFLUENCERS & BLOGGERS AWARDS 2021. Guest of Honor, Mr. Ashish Gujarati, President-elect SGCCI (South Gujarat Chamber of Commerce & Industry) graced the Event by his esteemed presence.

Nominations were asked to be filed prior a week of the event and winners were chosen on basis of content, their presentation & then the followers. Awards were judged by city’s eminent personalities of the Social media Industry, Ms. Vanita Rawat, Ms. Ankita Valand, Ms. Forum Marfatia & Mr. Guru Mitul Shah.

BRANDFLUENZERS creates a benchmark by staging Social Influencers & Bloggers Awards 2021 in Smart City Surat

The event was participated by Business brands, Entrepreneurs, Content creators, Influencers, Bloggers, Womenpreneurs, Home Makers, Artists & Students from various genre.

The mission of the Event was achieved through participants feedback. Here were some comments from the participants that defined the success of the event.

  • Enhanced personal skills.
  • Hacks will help multiply growth.
  • Got clarity about concept of Branding, Influencing, Blogging, Affiliate Marketing
  • Understood means to encash our skills by earning Multiple Sources of Income.
  • Learnt how to create our influence in the society
  • Got to know how to develop authority with our skills.
  • Felt great connecting with top influencers & bloggers of the city.

Overall BRANDFLUENZERS created a benchmark by bringing such initiative to the Surat city & now it’s going ahead to mark its footprints in metros like Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and major cities like Jaipur, Goa etc.

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