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Deshpremi Rishi- Renowned Orrisa Activist receives Honorary Doctorate Award for Social Work and humanitarian services

Deshpremi Rishi- Renowned Orrisa Activist receives Honorary Doctorate Award for Social Work and humanitarian services
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Forever Star Book of World Record felicitated Deshpremi Rishi (Prof Dr. Hrushikesh Mohapatra) with an Honorary Doctorate Award for his excellent work and outstanding performance and Remarkable Role in the field of Social Work and Humanitarian services. An environmentalist and social activist from Cuttack, Odisha Deshpremi Rishi has devoted his life to society, the environment, and has led the way in his state in bringing up concerns relating to social rights. He has also amassed a number of world records for his accomplishments in the field of social work.

Sharing the news and expressing his delight, Deshpremi Rishi wrote “It is a great honor for me to receive the award for social service. Heartfelt thanks to Forever Star Book of World Record for acknowledging my continuous social work and honoring me with this award”.

Deshpremi Rishi, an Odisha native, founded the well-known humanitarian organization “PRAYASH” in that state. During the pandemic, Dr. Mohapatra provided more than 90000 meals, masks, and sanitizer to underprivileged street people through the Prayash Foundation. During the Pandemic, he also adopted 30 blind persons in Odisha and routinely provided them with necessities. Through Prayash, Deshpremi Rishi introduced Shri B.K. Mohapatra Tatkal Sewa. It serves as an emergency relief fund for those in need due to accidents, floods, or cyclones. He provides monthly groceries to 10 moderate families every month, and as of now 5000 families have received them. During the winter, he also provided more than 50,000 blankets and 10,000 sarees to needy street people.

Deshpremi Rishi is also a world Peace Ambassador and also the Director of the Mahatma Gandhi Global Peace Foundation (Bhubaneswar). He has also introduced Prithviraj Dibyang Swabalambi Yojana which he used to help physically disabled poor people economically.

Deshpremi Rishi – Awards and Achievements

  • Felicitated with a Doctorate Award as Doctor of Philosophy in Social Welfare from the International Open University of Humanity Health Science and Peace.
  • World Record holder from Genius Book of World Record as the most Iconic social activist of the nation.
  • Felicitated with an honorary Doctorate Award by Forever Star Book of World Record for his excellence in the field of social work.
  • World Record Holder from Hope International World Record as the emerging social worker of the Nation.
  • Honoured with the International Excellence Award 2022
  • Honoured with the Gandhi Sewa Ratna Award 2022
  • Granted Honorary title of H.C Professorship of Humanidade by United College of Brazil
  • Honoured with a Doctorate Award in Education and Peace by International Crime fighters and Allies Ghana (West Africa)
  • Felicitated with a Doctorate Award in social science by the International University of studies and research in Algeria.

Inspiration leads to action and Deshpremi Rishi has inspired a lot of youths in planning, engaging and supporting social work. He provides ethical guidance and support various communities. His effort has drawn the capacity to transform lives at the individual level together with creating a ripple effect at the community level to continue a wave of inspiration and motivation for generations.

In the words of Deshpremi Rishi “Being a social worker can be difficult. However, I am able to balance my work and home since I am a fairly organized person. Also,I am with a good partner, my wife, Smt. Sheetal Kar, who takes care of all household needs. Today I credit all of my achievements to my better half.”

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