Entrepreneur and Influencer Ebi Mandegari is stealing the shows with his Modelling and Acting! He shares certain success tips for the upcoming generation!

Entrepreneur and Influencer Ebi Mandegari is stealing the shows with his Modelling and Acting! He shares certain success tips for the upcoming generation!
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Equipped with near perfect bodies and flawless personality they are able to attract everybody’s attention and make heads turn- yes, we are talking about the glamorous world of modeling. Today, modelling symbolizes an exciting and a lucrative career for the youth. Owing to further growth of consumerism and media, there has been a remarkable boost in this profession and with global expansion of fashion industry, it has made modelling an attractive career for the upcoming generation.

Since we’ve found ourselves discussing about Modelling as a career option, who better to talk about than Ebi Mandegari, the muscular, handsome and elegant guise who is a stylish young model, fashion enthusiast, stylist and an actor, entrepreneur and an influencer.

Standing at 6.4 feet, weight in around 78 kg with a chest measuring 109 inches, this Persian brunette makes his work look easy and sassy.

To make a name in the fashion or let’s say entertainment industry is the hardest among the budding influencers but for model cum influencer- Ebi, it has been a fascinating journey. He hails from Bandar Abbas, Iran and from college days itself, he began participating in different fashion shows before taking modelling as a career option.

“The world of modelling has something for everyone. There are so many niches and specializations that you can find at least one that fits your look and personality. Once you decide becoming a model is the right move, it’s time to choose which path you’ll take to get there.” Says Ebi. According to him, there’s a lot more to the modelling profession than being really, really, ridiculously good-looking.

Getting started as a model is no easy feat. There are a lot aspiring models out there who are striving hard to make it big in the industry, but not everyone has been as successful as Ebi Mandegari. As for him, it took time, dedication, and probably most importantly, thick skin. In a recent TV show, Ebi has been quoted as saying that for many, being judged based on your appearance can be taxing, but with the modelling industry becoming more body-inclusive, more opportunities are opening up for aspiring models of all shapes, sizes, genders, and sexual orientations. 

In this digital age, not only are more independent models and fashion stylists making their way in the business, but they are actually the fastest-growing segment of the global business. With the advent of social media, more people are turning in to show their skills to get noticed. Entrepreneur Ebi is a proficient when it comes to brand marketing and digital strategies. He is a master content creator and knows how to feel the pulse of the people by portraying the exact image of himself online which the people want. Without digital marketing, it is impossible to boost popularity nowadays. “Even if you are an independent model or an actor, your work needs to get noticed and what better way to get noticed than the social media? Today, even a child has a smart phone, so in order to make your presence felt, you or your work needs to pop up each time a person scrolls his social media feed.”

Ebi Mandegari was born on September 11th, 1992 in Bandar Abbas. As a child, he was interested in karate, gymnastics, kickboxing, football and bodybuilding. Ebi Mandegari entered the modelling arena at the age of 17. And guess how? His photos and videos went viral on Facebook and he started getting noticed by different brands. He got his first big break when he entered the fashion show of Pars Holding Company in Bandar Abbas and there has been no turning back ever since.

His works include working with the MDT brand special clothing, appearing in Mousavi Laboratory teaser, Dabco internet teaser, as well as Zara and Redbull teaser. He was also a part of the promotional teaser of Farshshahr, which was broadcasted on 5 provincial channels. In addition, he has collaborated with the Turkish clothing brand – Achaemenid. He also collaborated in Dr. Etemadifar’s teasers. He was part of the music video of Majid Kamali and RasktakHallaj that was a hit on Tehran Channel 5. Also, he was part of the promotional teaser of Kavian Aviation airport of East Flight in Mashhad. Besides, Abi Mandegari played in the movie Arous Bandar with Yousef Teymouri and Ali Sadeghi, which received a good feedback. He has often expressed his desire to work with the Chanel brand due to the presence of Mr. Carl Rogerfeld. He also dreams to be a part of as well as the Tom Ford and D&G brands respectively because of their proficient photographers and models. Ebi Mandegari is one of the first few people in the country to receive the TNRS International Modelling and Acting Certificate.

Entrepreneur Ebi is among the growing crop of models and actors who have signaled seismic changes in the industry. Due to his immense popularity, Ebi has gained more than 515K followers over his Instagram in a very short time. On social media he keeps posting on clothing lines, fashion and styling tips and so on; thus keeping his followers involved with enticing content. He does live chats and motivates youngsters with his experience and also provides useful tips and guidance The hunger for inspiration is admirable and refreshing for a talent like Ebi, telling relatable yet seemingly truthful stories in his heart pounding and emotionally driven films; serving as the ice breaker between his fans, supporters, and him. He humbles himself enough to be honest about where he comes from, and where he sees himself going.

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