Farm2Fuel: Arham Energy powering a cleaner future for India

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New Delhi: Arham Energy Limited announced that it will soon launching a platform — Farm2Fuel — in order to establish a viable alternative energy source on a global scale.

Farm2Fuel aims to provide sustainable energy solutions that reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, contribute to a cleaner environment and promote a more sustainable future.

The company believes that agricultural residues are potentially major contributors of resources for energy and material production.

It added that the use of biofuels promotes reduced emissions of greenhouse gases and reduces the related detrimental impact of transport.

“India’s fuel energy security can be well supported by agriculture as it provides opportunities for concepts such as waste to wealth and waste to energy and ultimately leading to the benefit of all,” said Virender Mohan Jain, Chairman And Managing Director, Arham Energy Limited.

“Over the next few years, we expect a number of different fuel systems to be trialled on farms. These will each have their own strengths and considerations for implementation. It’s likely that there will also be hybrid systems that aim to offer the best of both worlds as technology matures. Also, this new change to energy and carbon sequestration significantly expands the size and intensity of agricultural production,” he added.

The company said that replacing fossil fuels with biofuels is one of the primary ways to decarbonise the transport sector. In fact, biofuels make up 64% of the sector’s renewable energy consumption in 2030 in the net zero emissions by 2050 Scenario.

The company strives to establish a viable alternative energy source on a global scale where sustainable energy is both accessible and affordable.

Arham Energy Limited’s strategy towards net zero is supported by an industrial transformation plan that encompasses the whole value chain, including an optimization and enhancement of the upstream portfolio through progressive decarbonization, combined with the expansion of bio, renewable and circular economy businesses and with the offer of new energy solutions and services.

Arham Group has been a tall figure in the Energy sector due to its vast reach of trade networks and premium delivery services. The company caters to the fuel needs of multinationals, listed and large-cap companies and has a large chain of sub-traders pan India. It helps industries to swiftly transition to Natural Gas via pipeline distribution network which is an online system consisting of safety valves and regulators that monitor the gas supply and pressure. Under the able guidance of Mr. V.M. Jain, it has 35 plus years of expertise in the domain of coal, petroleum, and biomass energy generation.

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