FELA Foundation to organize Grand Education Summit ‘MANTHAN- A Positive Step’

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New Delhi: Federation of Educational Leaders and Administrators Foundation (FELA) is organizing India’s first ever grand Higher Education summit titled ‘MANTHAN- New Education Technologies’ will invited honourable Education Ministers with Education Secretaries of different states and nations. Vice-Chancellors/ Chancellors/ Registrars/ Deans across the country will grace the summit with their virtuous presence.

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The Grand FELA Summit aims to highlight the Government of India’s ceaseless efforts in promoting digital learning through the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 and would focus on substantiating the use of New Educational Technologies in the higher education sector, be it in urban or rural areas. 

“The summit will introduce the execution and the purpose of National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 to date within the Universities and Higher Education Institutions of India. The summit will act as a platform for numerous reputed Vice Chancellors, and Education Secretaries across the nation to share the execution process and benefits of NEP,” said Som Sharma, director of The FELA.

The FELA acts as the voice of the education industry and bring together senior academic community members, industry leaders, and policymakers to promote a democratic change in education technologies. Besides, the organization also aims to promote numerous productive education policies and thrive to narrow down educational grievances. Our ceaseless efforts and endeavor have resulted in building unparalleled bonds with scores of National and International Higher Education Leaders. The education leaders including Vice-Chancellors/ Chancellors/ Registrars/ Deans share their treasured views and opinions on numerous vital educational topics on FELA News Portal, FELA E-Magazine, and Journals.

The Federation for Educational Leaders and Administrators Foundation (FELA) (A non-profit organization) acts as the voice of the education Industry. FELA foundation brings together senior academic community members, Industry leaders and policymakers and promotes a democratic exchange regarding policies and grievances in the education sector.

The mission of FELA is to create an inclusive educational environment by promoting growth in education, embracing technical advancements, implementing technological tools, improving the quality of education and overcoming the barriers in the educational system through rational ideas and guidance from the most brilliant minds.

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