“It is not about how you build a business; it is about the means that you use to build it”, says Sezgin Manjuka, a Digital Entrepreneur and Marketing Expert

It is not about how you build a business it is about the means that you use to build it says Sezgin Manjuka a Digital Entrepreneur and Marketing Expert
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Sezgin Mangjuka is counted among the youngest self-made first generation businessmen. He is a digital entrepreneur and marketing expert. He has immense expertise in digital marketing and provides full social media and digital solutions to celebrities and corporates all over the world.

He is the founder and CEO of Pixatronix, providing worldwide social media and digital support.  Pixatronix has so far helped more than 1000+ businesses to carve a solid digital presence for themselves and they also deal with social media accounts of many celebrities and politicians. They indulge in Digital Marketing, Brand Building and Online Reputation Management of Political Leaders, Governing Politician, Celebrities, Sports, Social Media Celebrities & more and internet marketing of Educational or Academic institutes.

Sezgin Mangjuka began his career as a journalist, then moved on to public relations before launching his own digital marketing firm. He used social media to propel some of his clients to fame, including celebrities. Several individuals are trying to fit their identity molding in the world of success. However, very few are able to flourish with their ability or talent. Sezgin has proved that nothing is impossible if you are burning fire of passion. Establishing a company with such caliber requires a brilliant and creative mind and that is exactly what Sezgin is. Sezgin has impacted so many businesses through his amazing digital marketing skills by helping them grow to greater heights. Sezgin believes that when a person works for a living, they need to work for something that feeds their passion. He says, “During the hardest of times when things don’t go the way you want to, your passion is the one thing that is going to push you through it.”

Sezgin Mangjuka is a living example to encourage and inspire individuals who want to become an entrepreneur and become successful at a very young age. The best part about Sezgin Mangjuka is, he is just 24 years old and his success is inspiring. Sezgin Mangjuka is one example of someone who has risen to the top of the charts. He is from Kosovo, a small European state. He had a lot of setbacks, especially in school, yet he never gave up or lost his desire to succeed. He improved his skills as a result of his determination and desire to win. He focused on a certain niche, which led to his success.

Sezgin Mangjuka, a first-generation entrepreneur, started his business at the age of 17 with a little help from his father to build an online community. This was a profitable endeavour and he has grown into the person he is now. Sezgin Mangjuka is currently a well-known influencer as well as a mentor. In Kosovo, he is a role model for young people who aspire to emulate his accomplishment. Due to his unique activities on social media, he has garnered a huge fan following. He recently passed the 355K followers over his Instagram handle.

Sezgin Mangjuka, who has a large fan base, makes sure that his followers receive high-quality content. He also offers a mentorship program that teaches people important entrepreneurship skills and his mentoring has the potential to transform people’s lives by enhancing their abilities. He wants people to be self-sufficient so he shares useful tips that have worked for him. He encourages people to pursue their passions and to do extensive research before diving in. He discusses how to prioritize work and use scheduling to be more efficient and productive throughout the day. His ability to effectively apply tactics and technical expertise makes a significant impact.

Content Creators and influencers like Sezgin are attracting extremely large audiences, which enables endemic and non-endemic brands to reach an enormous range of target groups. Due to his ingenuity, he has become one of the top influencer marketers and has been able to enjoy a high degree of trust with leading companies with whom he has collaborated. As Sezgin provides immersive content and has diversity it creates great opportunities for brands to hold the attention of a passionate and influential audience.

Sezgin believes that shortcuts are the primary reason why many businesses fail. He says,” When you are growing, you need to think long-term. The absence of such thinking will lead to taking shortcuts that will jeopardize your business in the long run.” Sezgin stressed the importance of gaining knowledge continuously as only then can it be used to its full capacity.

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