Maverick Entrepreneur Ibrahim Mohammed Ahmasani: Multiple personalities or Multitalented?

Maverick Entrepreneur Ibrahim Mohammed Ahmasani : Multiple personalities or Multitalented?
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When you look at the handsome, charismatic and well-built body of Ibrahim Mohammed Ahmasani on his Instagram, the first thing which might strike our mind regarding his profession is that he is a teenager Influencer but to our surprise he is much more. Entrepreneur Ibrahim Mohammed Ahmasani is an Medical Student, Author, amazing motivator through Qur’an Recitation, life coach, and also a wizard entrepreneur.

Residing in the city of Abha in Aseer, Saudi Arabia, Entrepreneur Ibrahim Mohammed Ahmasani is an amazing author and is absolutely loved by his community. One of his published books ( سترى النور ) is regarded as a source of inspiration for a lot of people. Apart from being a genius author Ibrahim Mohammed Ahmasani is also very famous for reciting Qur’an. He frequently posts videos of him reciting Qur’an in his melodious voice on his Instagram and gets thousands of likes and shares. Apart from Reciting Qur’an he also indulges in many activities of charity and does counseling for the people who are down and depressed.

The Thing that makes Entrepreneur Ibrahim Mohammed Ahmasani such a positive and influential personality is his attitude towards looking at obstacles. Ibrahim Mohammed Ahmasani believes that no obstacle is bigger than your faith in Allah. If you are blessed with it, use it for your interest. When he was asked for the policy he was putting his efforts for “Living your life to the fullest should be everybody’s goal.” says Ibrahim. Ibrahim’s policies say that being consistent and positive is what grows you as a successful entrepreneur. He believes that being an influencer brings you responsibilities because people learn from you, you have to be very conscious about your actions and behaviour. Ibrahim Mohammed Ahmasani is living his dreams that once he could only fantasize about. He used his skills and talents to grow as a person and influencer.

With over 120k followers on his Instagram, Entrepreneur Ibrahim Mohammed Ahmasani actively shares his professional and personal life on his Instagram. To get in touch with this Maverick Entrepreneur you can contact him on his Facebook or Instagram. “Do not be egoistic, that’s the factor which can become an obstacle in terms of improvement and learning new things. Sit and make a concrete plan of action and then go for it as if there is no recourse. This is how you achieve the unachievable dreams.” Says entrepreneur Ibrahim Mohammed Ahmasani.

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