Navratan Transforming Lives With Premier Gemstones in the Digital Era

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Jaipur (Rajasthan), [India]: India is the hub of gemstones; with each, nine out of ten people adorn rings embellished with a pearl or jewel. While the demand increases, the supply of authentic products decreases; Navratan – The Gemstone Co., headquartered in Jaipur, Rajasthan, decided to address this gap. Embracing the quality-over-quantity approach, the company is committed to delivering premier quality gemstones, including precious and semi-precious stones, to meet its customers’ expectations. 

Known for its promising authenticity, Navratan sources bona fide gemstones, curating a collection that voices traditional vision with modern innovation. Focusing on a customer-centric approach, Navratan is the leader in the Indian gemstone market, sharing personalized assistance and transparent shopping experiences.

Navratan’s journey is marked by unique selling propositions, particularly its collaboration with GemResearch Swisslab (GRS) and its extensive inventory of certified gemstones. This strategic positioning has established Navratan as a frontrunner in offering a comprehensive range of gemstones, from semi-precious to precious stones.

Recognition and Accolades:

Navratan – The Gemstone Co. was honored at the December International Business Award (IBA) 2022, being recognized as the “Most Trusted Gemstone Brand of the Year.” This accolade underscores Navratan’s dedication to excellence and authenticity. The award ceremony was highlighted by the fourth-generation business, a prominent figure in the gemstone industry.

The Vital Role of Gemstone Certification in the Buying Process

Navratan understands the significance of technology in gemology and gemstone treatments, making analysis and certification a critical aspect of the purchasing journey. Certified gemologists and laboratories play a pivotal role in offering informed opinions on the properties and origins of gemstones.

Certification provides insights into a gemstone’s unique properties and influences its market price. Navratan encourages buyers to cross-check reports and their respective numbers or QR codes online to validate the authenticity of the laboratory and the information provided.

In collaboration with renowned laboratories such as GRS, IGI, Gubelin, C. Dunaigre, GIA, Shri Zaveri Mahajan Zaverat & Moti Tolai Charitable Trust, ITLGJ, GII, AGR, IGTLJ, IGITL, and GIC, Navratan ensures customers receive verifiable certificates, fostering transparency and confidence in their purchases.

Partner Laboratories: A Brief Overview

– GRS (Gem Research Swisslab): A global authority on treatment identification, mineral discovery, and transparent operations.

– IGI (International Gemological Institute): Established in 1975, IGI is renowned for diamonds and diamond rough identification.

– Gubelin: One of Europe’s oldest gemological laboratories, offering unbiased and independent analysis for gemstones and jewelry.

– C. Dunaigre: An independent gemologist with extensive experience in certification, providing genuine analyses of gemstones.

– GIA (Gemological Institute of America): A non-profit organization and a world leader in gemology research, offering unbiased reports and education.

– Shri Zaveri Mahajan Zaverat & Moti Tolai Charitable Trust: A Mumbai-based jewelry house with a reputation for fine jewels and certification.

– ITLGJ (International Testing Laboratory Gems and Jewelry): Based in Jaipur, ITLGJ follows international CIBJO standardizations.

– GII (Gemological Institute of India): Established in 1971, GII is a leading gemstone laboratory in India, providing trustworthy reports.

– AGR (Advance Gem Research Lab): ISO 9001:2015 certified, AGR in Jaipur offers a spectrum of gemstone verification options.

– IGTLJ (Iskon Gem Testing Laboratory Jaipur): An independent laboratory delivering accurate and detailed reports.

– IGITL (International Gemological Institute and Testing Laboratory): ISO 9001-2000 certified, IGITL provides clear representations of gemstones.

– GIC (Gemological Institute of Colombo): Established in 2005, GIC is the only highly advanced gem testing laboratory in Sri Lanka.

Astrological Significance of Gemstones

Navratan recognizes the age-old tradition in India that associates gemstones with the transformation of fortune during good and bad times. According to Hindu beliefs, wearing the right jewel, aligned with one’s birth star, can positively influence one’s life. Navratan emphasizes the importance of obtaining accurate recommendations from astrologers, ensuring the selection of the most suitable gemstone for individual well-being.

Navratan’s Featured Jewels:

– Blue Sapphire (Neelam)

– Ruby (Manik)

– Emerald (Panna Stone)

– Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj)

– Diamond (Heera)

– Pearl (Moti)

– Coral (Moonga)

– Hessonite (Gomed)

– Cat’s Eye (Lehsunia)

Benefits of Wearing Gemstones

Navratan sheds light on the myriad benefits of wearing gemstones, ranging from transforming bad times into good times to addressing health issues influenced by astrological factors. The brand advocates for the positive energies associated with gems, providing a shield against negative energies that may impact various aspects of life.

Guidelines for Purchasing Gemstones

Navratan offers valuable insights into the considerations for purchasing gemstones, emphasizing the importance of obtaining recommendations from astrologers or referencing horoscopes.

As Navratan – The Gemstone Co. continues its journey in the gemstone market, the brand remains dedicated to authenticity, craftsmanship, and customer satisfaction. The prestigious IBA 2022 award further solidifies Navratan’s standing as a trusted and recognized name in the industry.

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