ProU Education expands to India to transform 1 million careers

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ProU Education designs effective and S.M.A.R.T. career strategies for a generation that sees the world differently and navigates a complex work environment. With offices in Spain, Nigeria, and now India, ProU offers global remote internships and study abroad opportunities to young people.

Young students and workers of today have arrived at the intersection of unimaginable technologies and unprecedented global turmoil. While current workforce is ahead of its previous generations in technological prowess, ambitions, and talents, it faces acute disruptions in their learning, social lives, and career opportunities. According to International Labour Organization, global youth (aged 15-29) unemployment rate stands at 15.6% or 75 million young people in 2021, which is more than three times the adult rate and this rate rose by 1.5%, a level not seen in at least 15 years, driven by numerous crises.

ProU Education’s vision is to be the bridge that enables young generation’s smooth transition from education to professional life. ProU designs an effective, essential, and most importantly, empathetic career strategy for anyone who belongs in the early professional spectrum – from high school students to university goers and graduates. ProU leadership team is made up of professional counsellors who have first-hand experienced the career and education disruptions caused by the recent global turmoil and hence, hand-built their programs to help adapt the next generation to fast-changing changing environments, be it in employment, education, or skills training.

First, keeping in mind the high digital-literacy and gamified learning practices of today’s generation, ProU Education has created a mobile-first experience to enable young workers to gain hands-on experience through remote internships with reputed global organizations. The internships are developed in collaboration with industry veterans from companies such as Amazon, Apple, and Nike and target both business and tech curriculums for students to gain critical transferable and technical skills. Second, ProU equips young people with critical skills and personalized curriculums needed to be successful in today’s businesses by offering over 100 complimentary skill courses. And finally, ProU Abroad provides bespoke career plans and counselling to those seeking study opportunities overseas in the US, UK, Canada, Europe, and Australia while maintaining the strong 1:1 coaching framework. ProU Abroad’s end-to-end counselling plans are uniquely tailored to each student, backed by a staff that has combined experience of over 70 years in admissions counselling.

Roshni Shah, a recent management graduate from India says, “With ProU’s convenient remote internship matching app and easy learning experience from industry experts, I transitioned to my dream job while gaining skills to succeed in remote environment.”

ProU Education has distinguished itself with its S.M.A.R.T. career programs:

  1. Specific to each student: Guaranteed remote internship in global companies for students of all backgrounds in management, digital sales, marketing, data analysis, web development, cyber security, and blockchain.
  2. Measurable learning objectives: Over 100 personalized courses and training programs developed by industry executives focusing on hard and soft skills required to succeed in internships and improve future employability.
  3. Accessible delivery: Hybrid (videos, audio and card-based) and efficient bite-size 15 min format, delivered on mobile (Android & iOS) and web, even with limited internet connection, giving learners the ability to continue their education anywhere and anytime.
  4. Readiness in career: Career readiness services such as resume writing and networking with industry developed by ProU’s Career Management Centre.
  5. Top ranked universities: Comprehensive study abroad admission services for students to unlock new opportunities at high-ranked global universities by leveraging ProU coaches, who have gotten into places like Harvard, UCLA and MIT and lived in over 20 countries thereby understanding (and possessing) the DNA of actual admits.

Piyush Jain, Director of ProU says, “Remote Internships and advanced courses when offered in one convenient app, reduces the time young professionals spend to acquire relevant professional skills. Our career management centre connects learners with international internships without the cumbersome and time-consuming job search process and at the same time, helps our employers community access a trained workforce that was previously untapped.”

“We offer our students internships in global companies outside India with custom training material, and advanced student analytics, making ProU Internships our primary platform for hands on training. We have also seen 5% of students pursue further studies abroad based on their positive internship experience,” says Aditya Rajput, Co-Chairman of Gyanveer Institute of Management and Science, India.

Get started today with internships and study abroad at or by downloading the “ProU” app from the Android or iOS app stores.

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