“Royal Award-2023” by Sanjay Shravan for Kings and Queens of India

"Royal Award-2023" by Sanjay Shravan for Kings and Queens of India
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Kings and Queens, Prince and Princess from across the country will attend the “Royal Award-2023”

The “Royal Award-2023” is going to be organized in a unique way in 2023. In which the King and Queen, Prince and Princess from all over the country will participate, they will be honored with an award for the contribution made by them and their family for the country. For this, they will be honored by giving awards and big eminent personalities of the country will also be honored by him. This event is being organized by Sanjay Shravan, CEO, President International Events Company.

For this program there have been a lot of talks with H.H.Princess Asha Devi Gaikwad (Queen of Baroda), H.H.Princess Tehri Garhwal Raje (Uttarakhand), Tehri Garhwal (Maharaja), Garhwal Uttarakhand, etc still going on. In this program, full cooperation is being given by Princess Asha Raje (Queen of Baroda), Prahlad Modi, brother of Prime Minister of India, Sonam Modi etc.

Regarding “Royal Award-2023, Sanjay Shravan says, “It is a very difficult task to meet all the kings, maharajas and fix a date. But it became easy because of the cooperation of some other great people like Princess Asharaje ji, Prahlad Modi ji. It has been decided to conduct this program at one place either Mumbai, Vadodara or Delhi. People from big political parties, businessmen, film stars, social workers etc. will participate. For which every aspect is taken care of. The date and place will be finalized by our committee. After which the full announcement will be made through press conference.”

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