Women for the win – with the same passion and an evolved purpose

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The tribe of women bikers has grown in strength and purpose in recent years. Their towering accomplishments include the success of those honing their skills under the LetsRyde banner. With the intention of celebrating the women’s biking community in India, the Women Biker League, the brainchild of LetsRyde and organized by TUS, was conceptualized.

The priority of the collective was to create a platform to revel in their emergence, recognizing the barriers in place and women’s fierce pursuit of their passion.

Receiving overwhelming amounts of love and appreciation from all quarters led to the change in the original plan of going on floors in October. In order to align with the wish to do justice to the bustling aspirations and motivate the women who have entrusted the teams to give wind to their wings, some modifications were made. From a niche gathering of women bikers, the event now dares to be bigger and better while catering to a larger cadre and making them the torchbearers of this movement.

With a wider gathering and a greater intention to include every woman, this event for now is kept in abeyance to accommodate this fire that is alight from every corner of the country.

The event is now postponed from the 28th and 29th of October, 2023, to (tentatively) the beginning of March, 2024. This has allowed LetsRyde, TUS, and the girls sufficient time to train, hustle, and prepare for the competitions. While putting their creativity to the test and welcoming more into this community, it is an opportunity to create a strongly-knit tribe of women bikers through outreach efforts. The ground, too, is now set to include state-of-the-art obstacles to ensure an exciting and thrilling experience for the girls. 

Not permitting ancillary concerns to overshadow the true commemoration of women’s victories, the focus has remained on the uninhibited celebration of women bikers, increasing efforts to make the event inclusive, and fostering a sense of camaraderie among bikers at large.

As more women join this exciting journey with curiosity, let us congratulate them for their courage to revel in the freedom that nothing but biking can offer. 

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